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Update:April 4, 2017

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Comprehensive program for preserving and utilizing Japanese forests

With revisions in legislation governing water conservation, the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute was renamed the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of the Forestry Research and Management Organization in April 2017. The new organization is comprised of three separate entities: the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute,responsible for research and development activities; the Forest Management Center, responsible for forest management activities; and the Forest Insurance Center, responsible for forest insurance services.

Forests not only create a global environment necessary for the survival of humanity through their deep connections with the water cycle and the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide but also directly support our life by conserving national lands, conserving water resources, and providing forestry products. As Japan has a particularly mountainous terrain, fostering healthy forests is essential to develop various industries in downstream areas and ensure the safety and security of human life. Today, 70% of Japan’s land is covered with forests, 40% of which consist of trees planted by humans. As such, a majority of forests that we can enjoy today are the result of hard labor by our ancestors. To maintain and even increase such benefits, we need to pay constant attention to the growth of forests.

Through such research activities, as well as the development and activities of the forest and forest products industries, we intend to contribute to science, technology, policies, socioeconomic activities, and international partnerships. At the same time, we will also conduct the proper management of remote forests for water conservation and promote the healthy management of forestry businesses through forest insurance activities. By sharing knowledge and expertise with parties responsible for their activities, we will strive to achieve the development of sustainable forest management that links with global issues and sustainable forestry practice in an environmentally sound way and improved forest products to ensure that we receive multiple benefits from our rich and diverse forests, thereby promoting the advancement of forest research both domestically and internationally.

With that said, we do not believe that our organization alone is capable of addressing all issues nationwide and, by extension, international forest-related problems. Therefore, we intend to play a comprehensive and instrumental role in closely cooperating with stakeholders in the industry and academia, as well as forest owners and the general public who receive the benefits of forests.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Haruo Sawada
President of the Forest Research and Management Organization

Haruo Sawada