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Update:December 8, 2020

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International Workshop “Natural disasters and risk reduction measures in Vietnam and Japan”

Event date

December 23rd 2020 (2hours) from 13:00 to 15:00 (VST), 15:00-17:00(JST)


Web conference (basically held by VAFS and FFPRI and viewed by audiences through internet)


“Natural disasters and risk reduction measures in Vietnam and Japan”


Article 2 of the Paris Agreement states that to enhance the ability of the country to adapt to changing climate impacts as one of the goals of the agreement along with mitigation goals. Risks from climate change impacts such as mountain disasters, floods, storm surges and tsunamis are expected to increase, and forests are expected to be used to mitigate disasters. Vietnam and Japan share geographical and climatic similarities, with both having steep mountains and long coastlines, and both being subject to torrential rains and high tides caused by typhoons, as well as tsunamis caused by trench earthquakes, and both have a long history of developing disaster prevention and mitigation technologies.

In this seminar, the two countries will introduce the actual situation and countermeasures of natural disasters in the mountains and the coasts, respectively, and discuss the needs and possibilities for the development of technology for disaster prevention and mitigation by forests.

The seminar will be held with no audience and will be streamed live on YouTube to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Interested parties are welcome to attend with a pre-registration. To register, please use the "Pre-registration Form" at the bottom of this page.


1. Opening remarks / Explanation of purpose (5 minutes) Dr. Yasumasa Hirata, Principal Research Director, FFPRI

2. Keynote speech (5 minutes) Prof. Dr. Vo Dai Hai, President, VAFS

3. Presentation 1 (20 minutes) Issue 1 Relationship (VAFS) Mountain disasters and disaster prevention measures (provisional), Dr. Vu Tan Phuong, Deputy Director in charge of International Cooperation Science, Post graduate training and International Cooperation Dept. VAFS

4. Presentation 2 (20minutes) Issue 1 Relationship (FFPRI) Types of mountain disasters occurring in Japan and research / research on them (provisional) Dr. Takashi Okamoto and Dr. Wataru Murakami, FFPRI

5. Q & A (5minutes)

6. Presentation 3 (20 minutes) Issue 2 Relationship (VAFS) Coastal disasters and disaster prevention measures (mangrove), Dr. Nguyen Thuy My Linh, VAFS

7. Presentation 4 (20 minutes) Issue 2 Relationship (FFPRI) Roles of mangrove vegetation in reducing the impact of swell waves: A review of the importance of coastal mangrove conservation and restoration. (provisional)Dr. Kenji Ono, FFPRI Tohoku

8. Q & A (5 minutes)

9. General discussion (10 minutes) Needs for disaster prevention / mitigation technology development and countermeasures?

10. Summary / Closing remarks (5 minutes)

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