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Update:April 11, 2017

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Forest Research With a Long-Term Perspective

As a comprehensive research institution relating to the forest, forestry, and forest products industries, the FFPRI has more than 110 years of history. It has made numerous findings pertaining to afforestation technologies, preservation of biodiversity, forestry, and wood provision systems, which in turn have been put to use in the management of existing forests. Meanwhile, findings pertaining to forest products technology have contributed to the widespread use of wood materials in a variety of markets. We intend to continue further research on the basis of these achievements.

It is believed that changes in the global environment brought about by human activities have made an enormous impact on diverse ecosystems. The resultant decrease in water and wood resources and the decline in land conservation properties associated with forest ecosystems have adversely affected people’s lives, thus creating a vicious cycle. To address such a problem, it is essential to observe forests over a long time in a holistic study taking advantage of new technological breakthroughs. Accordingly, we plan to perform further research to explore the relationships between the forest, forestry, and forest products industries.

It is our belief that the new FFPRI should strengthen partnership with the general public, who benefit from various forest ecosystem services, and conduct strategic research on the forest, forestry, and forest products industries, in addition to making contributions across the industrial, academic, and administrative sectors. With this goal in mind, FFPRI plans to strengthen its role as a local hub for research institutions by incorporating activities of the Research Cooperation Promotion Headquarters and Regional Research Centers.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Haruo Sawada
Director General of FFPRI

Director General of FFPRI Sawada