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Update:November 25, 2013

Department of Wood Engineering

70% of timber is used for construction. In the Department of Wood Engineering, research is carried out based on materials in order to not only make more safe and comfortable wooden houses, which make up about 80% of detached houses, but also large-sized wooden structures like domes. Moreover, research has commenced into the use of timber in the field of civil engineering, such as for bridges and guardrails, with consideration of landscapes and the environment.


  • HARADA, Toshiro; Director of Department
  • NAGAO, Hirofumi; Team Leader
  • SUGIMOTO, Kenichi; Team Leader

Engineered Wood and Joints Laboratory

  • HARADA, Masaki; Chief of Laboratory
  • KATO, Hideo
  • IDO, Hirofumi
  • OGISO, Junko

Structures and Dwelling Physics Laboratory

  • KARUBE, Masahiko; Chief of Laboratory
  • MORIKAWA, Takeshi
  • AOKI, Kenji
  • UKYO, Seiichiro
  • AOI, Hideki (additional post) 

Figure: Seismic test
Seismic test of a full-scale wooden house
(Pseudo-dynamic test of a full-scale wooden house)

Figure: Structural test
Structural test of a glulam beam-to-column connection