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The Kansai Research Center performs forest and forestry research for a region extending from the Kinki and
Chugoku districts to part of the Hokuriku district. For well over a thousand years this region was home to Japan’s
capital cities, and it therefore has much excellent land for forestry. On the other hand, deterioration of satoyama*
and other forest lands and the fragmentation of valuable regional forest ecosystems are occurring in conjunction
with urbanization and socioeconomic changes. Additionally, nowadays, people see environmental conservation and
spiritual richness as important. This is reflected in their growing and diversifying expectations for forests.

Research by the Kansai Research Center is aimed at shedding light on the mechanisms behind the diverse
functions of all forests, from satoyama* to remote forests, including conservation of biodiversity, environmental
conservation, providing scenic beauty, and timber production. Our research then attempts to develop integrated forest
management techniques while looking for desirable relationships between nature and human society. Additionally, we
collaborate with our headquarters, other regional research centers, and the National Forest Tree Breeding Center to
address national and global problems such as global warming.

*Satoyamaï¼›Traditional rural forest landscapes integrated with village and cultivated areas.

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