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Update:March 21, 2013

Forest Tree Breeding Center


Forest Tree Breeding Center (FTBC) and Forest Bio Research Center (FBRC), both of which are under FFPRI,
have been engaged in forest tree breeding by development of genetic superior varieties, speed-up breeding process through high-tech application,
collection and conservation/preservation of genetic materials, and cooperation of forest tree breeding in the developing countries.

検定林 遺伝子組換スギ ヤクタネ 木の種子 海外協力



  Planning Division for FTBC
  Administration Division for FTBC 

 Breeding Department 

   National Breeding Division
   Kanto Regional Breeding Division
   Extension Division 

Genetic Resources Department 

   Exploration Division
   Conservation Division
   Genetic Resources Management Officer  

International Cooperation Department for FTBC  

   International Cooperation Division
   IriomoteTropical Tree Breeding Technical Garden
   International BreedingResearch Officer  

Forest Bio-Research Center





Hokkaido Regional Breeding Office 

Tohoku Regional Breeding Office 

Kansai Regional Breeding Office 

Kyusyu Regional Breeding Office

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