Tree Census Data

The Paosh plot is 6-ha, rectangle shape with 200 m X 300m. All living trees larger than 5 cm in DBH (diameter at breast height) have been censused since 1994 (Hoshizaki et al. 2004; Niiyama et al. 2003). Meteorological variables monitored using the tower (Kosugi et al. 2008) (triangle mark in Figure 1)

plot layouts

Figure 1. Plot layout of the 6-ha plot. Contour interval is 1 m.

Data Set

This data file contains one tree census data (csv format).

File Format

This data file contains following data

Type Explanation
ID #
Numeric Identification number for each tree
Character Location of sub-plot (20 m X 20 m in each).
Character Location of quadrant (10 m X 10 m in each) within each sub-plot.
Stem ID
Character ID number of stem. Multiple stems have unique Stem ID with one Ind.ID.
Character ID number of individual.
Character This is plant species name.
Numeric Recorded in cm in 1994.
Character Indicate some irregular conditions at tree census.

Download Data Set File If you used this data set in a publication, please cite this web as follows:

Niiyama, K. and Abd Rhaman, K. (2014) Tree Census Data 1993: Pasoh. Datasets. Available on-line [] from Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan.

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  • Kosugi, Y., Takanashi, S., Ohkubo, S., Matsuo, N., Tani, M., Mitani, T., Tsutsumi, D. and Abdul Rahim, N. (2008) CO2 exchange of a tropical rainforest at Pasoh in Peninsular Malaysia. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 148(3): 439-452.
  • Niiyama, K., Abdul Rahman, K., Iida, S., Kimura, K., Azizi, R. and Appanah, S. (2003) Regeneration of a clear-cut plot in a lowland dipterocarp forest in Pasoh Forest Reserve, Peninsular Malaysia. In T. Okuda, N. Manokaran, Y. Matsumoto, K. Niiyama, S.C. Thomas, P.S. Ashton (Eds.), Pasoh: Ecology of a Lowland Rain Forest in Southeast Asia, Springer, Tokyo, pp. 559–568.

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