C&I Project in FFPRI

- Researches of criteria and indicators based on Montreal Process -


Background of our project

In 1995, 12 countries including Japan endorsed the "Santiago Declaration" with a comprehensive set of criteria and indicators for the conservation and sustainable management of temperate and boreal forests outside Europe.

We have been working on monitoring and evaluating methods of 67 indicators under 7 criteria, of which those on "biodiversity" and "forest health and vitality" are recognized to be the most difficult and challenging items.

Objectives of our project

For conservation and sustainable management of temperate and boreal forests, it is urgent to establish a comprehensive set of criteria and indicators, based on 7 criteria and 67 indicators by Montreal Process.

Most research centers of FFPRI are located in boreal and temperate forest zones. A project group composed of members in the headquarters office and the Shikoku Research Center, and 2 teams of the Hokkaido Research Center have been involved in this project. Botanists, entomologists, mycologists, and GIS engineers, have so far focused on their respective subjects in the research sites: Jozankei in Hokkaido, Ogawa forest in Honshu and Shimanto basin in Shikoku. Our goal should be proposing a management plan for sustainable temperate boreal forests throughout Japan, by Hokkaido to Shikoku Research Centers. To realize the goal, we are testing and evaluating scientific methods and examining the feasibility of those methods to the other Montreal Process countries.


Research items

1) Scaling up evaluation methods of biodiversity in forest stands and landscape level.

2) Re-examining and/or developing monitoring and evaluation methods of insect and microbe species diversities in relation to vegetation changes.

3) Developing evaluation methods of tree and stand degradations.


Research terms


from 2000 to 2002: developing evaluation methods of local biodiversity

from 2003-2004: testing the methods for evaluation and a local conservation plan


Collaboration expected

CSIRO, CIFOR, US Forest Service, Oregon State University, Canadian Forest Service


C&I Annual Workshop

Our project organizes an annual workshop in fall. This workshop is officially closed.

[ Workshop 2002]

Proceedings of C&I workshop 2002 (PDF file, 34.6MB)

[ Workshop 2003 kochi]

[Satellite meeting in ICEXXII 2004]

[Workshop Jan. 2005 in Tsukuba]

Project Leaders

Project Leader: Dr. Shigeo Kobayashi (headquarters office, )

Ogawa-group Leader: Dr. Isamu Okochi (headquarters office, biodiversity team leader)

C&I Sustainable Forest Management Team Leader: Dr. Takehiro Yamaguchi (Hokkaido Res. Cent. )

Long-Term Rotation Team Leader: Dr. Hiroyuki Tanouchi (Hokkaido Res. Cent.)


             Ogawa research site, photographed by H. Tanaka