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Laboratory of Engineered Timber and Joints
森林総合研究所 材料 接合 研究室

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ようこそ材料接合研究室ホームページへ!!! このページは2001/05/08より数えて
persons since 2001/05/08.

Now, this page is still under construction. For more information, see previous [setugo Lab.] Home Page.
Current Japanese page have more information but unfortunately written in japanese.

TX記念 第6回全国中学生創造ものづくり教育フェア出展

Recent Research Topics :
最近の研究についての紹介 :
  1. Engineered-Wood materials in Japan; Tomoyuki HAYASHI [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  2. Proposal for colaborate of Experimental data modeling -Automatic Point Pick Up Program- [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
    荷重変形曲線のモデル化とその問題点共有のための提案 特徴点抽出の自動化ツールについて
  3. Collapse of wooden bridge made of bongossi [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  4. Wood is Eco-Material [Sorry, in Japanese only.]

The origin of this laboratory :
研究室の歴史 :

The laboratory of Engineered Timber Joints (ETJ: but that is called Timber Jointing Laboratory;offically) was established in october in 1988 when the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) was largely re-organized. The origin of ETJ was the Laboratory of Industrial Application of Wood Products where the timber joints had been studied before then. The research range of ETJ is everything which is wedding timber mechanically and also relates joints and connections in timber construction. We are mainly researching on joints of timber structure made by axial members and its structural performance. Booklet of ETJ

接合研究室は、1988年(昭和63年)10月に行われた、林業試験場から森林総合研究所へ改組時に発足した研究室で、その母体は当時接合部の研究をしていた性能開発研究室であります。 接合研究室の担当する研究範囲は、木材を機械的に結び付ける技術と木質系構造物の継手・仕口・接合部に関係するもの全てになりますが、主としては軸組部材の接合とその構造物について研究しています。 小冊子『接合研究室における最近の研究の紹介』

Introduction of Members :
研究室員の紹介 :

Informations and Documents :
情報と資料 :
  1. Introduction of SETUGO Lab.[Sorry, guides are written in Japanese only.]
    接合研究室における最近の研究の紹介 (PDF, MS-Word97)
  2. Introduction of experimental areas for dynamic loadings [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
    木造耐震・快適性工学実験棟の紹介 (PDF)
  3. Introduction of experimental areas of small specimen [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  4. Introduction of experimental areas of structural members [Sorry, in Japanese only.]

椎名家住宅[新治郡出島村加茂] To find wooden structures :
木構造物の紹介 :
  1. Monuments in IBARAKI prefecture [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
    1. Residencial house of SHINA-ke [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  2. Gymnasium : 3 point hinge arch [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  3. Bridge named SARUHASHI [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  4. Shrine named KOTOHIRA-gu [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  5. Visiting report of indoor skate rink M-Wave [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
    長野オリンピック M wave 見学記
  6. WADAKURA rest house [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  7. Joint of stone [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
    石造鳥居の接合部 金輪継手
  8. Suspension bridge made of vines [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  9. Temple named CHIKURINJI [Sorry, in Japanese only.]
  10. Residencial house of NARA-ke[Sorry, in Japanese only.]

History of this Home Page :
以前の研究室紹介 :
  1. Objectives of WEB publishings [Sorry, in Japanese only.]/ ホームページ開設の経緯
  2. Released 1995/12/11, First Edition./ 接合研究室の紹介 1995年12月11日 初版。
  3. Released 1996/05/28, 2nd Edition./ 接合研究室の紹介 1996年5月28日 第二版。
  4. Released 1998/04/07, 3rd Edition./ 接合研究室の紹介 1998年4月7日 第三版。
  5. Released 2001/05/08, Latest Edition./ 材料接合研究室の紹介 2001年5月8日 最新版。

Address :
Laboratory of Engineered Timber and Joints
Department of Wood Engineering
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI)
Independent Administrarive Institutions(IAI)
PO Box 16, Tsukuba Norin, Ibaraki, JAPAN 305-8687

phone : Oversea+81-29-873-3211 ext. 585 and/or 584
facsimile : Oversea+81-29-874-3720

所在地 :
独立行政法人 森林総合研究所
〒305-8687 茨城県つくば市松の里1

電話 : 029-873-3211 内線 585 または 584
ファクシミリ : 029-874-3720

Masahiko KARUBE, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Engineered Timber and Joints
Department of Wood Engineering, FFPRI
PO Box 16, Tsukuba Norin, 305-8687
phone: +81-29-873-3211 ex.585
facsimile: +81-29-874-3720