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REDD-plus COOKBOOK - How to Measure and Monitor Forest Carbon

This Cookbook is an easy-to-understand technical manual which provide basic knowledge and technologies required for REDD-plus with the main focus on the forest carbon monitoring methods. It comprises of four parts: Introduction, Planning, Technics, and References. "Introduction" is designed for the policy makers and their partner organizations working for the introduction of REDD-plus at national / sub-national level, "Planning" is intended for the REDD-plus implementing organizations / countries working on REDD-plus at national / subnational level, and "Technical" for the experts who work on the REDD-plus activities at national/sub-national level. On the other hand, "References" provides references of useful documents which assist users to have a better understanding of "Introduction" and "Planning". In order to have a better understanding of REDD-plus, a combination of "Introduction" and "Planning", or "Planning" and "Technical" are recommended.

In the sections "Introduction", "Planning", and "Technical", knowledge and the sufficient skills required to address REDD-plus are compiled in units called "recipe". Users can easily go through the items in each recipe to in-depth recipe or references in accordance with the flow chart. "Reference" aims to provide users with useful information by proposing or showing examples that can be used as a guide when exploring realistic and practical measures for designing and implementing the projects and programs.



  • Preface

  • Table of contents

  • REDD-plus Flow Chart


Chapter 1 About REDD-plus

  • Recipe - I01 History of REDD-plus and current status (references)

  • Recipe - I02 Key REDD-plus concepts (references)

Chapter 2 Designing a forest monitoring system

  • Recipe - I03 Measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of forest monitoring (references)

  • Recipe - I04 Designing the forest monitoring system (references)


Chapter 3 Basic knowledge needed for REDD-plus implementation

  • Recipe - P01 Definitions of forest, deforestation, forest degradation, and the "plus" in REDD-plus (references)

  • Recipe - P02 Phased approach (references)

  • Recipe - P03 Safeguards (references)

Chapter 4 Measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of forest carbon

  • Recipe - P04 Measurement of forest carbon (references)

  • Recipe - P05 Reporting of forest carbon (references)

  • Recipe - P06 Verification of forest carbon (references)

Chapter 5 Monitoring by the stock change method

  • Recipe - P07 Stock change method (references)

  • Recipe - P08 Area estimation using remote sensing (references)

  • Recipe - P09 Estimation of carbon stocks per unit area (references)

  • Recipe - P10 PSP method (references)

  • Recipe - P11 Using a stand carbon stock estimation model (references)

  • Recipe - P12 Calculation of carbon emissions and removals (references)

  • Recipe - P13 Reference emission level and reference level (references)


Chapter 6 Prepararion for REDD-plus implementation

  • Recipe - T01 National forest inventory (references)

  • Recipe - T02 What GHGs are measured? (references)

  • Recipe - T03 Attainable resources (references)

  • Recipe - T04 Voluntary carbon credit certification system (references)

Chapter 7 Estimation of forest area using remote sensing

  • Recipe - T05 Remote sensing and sensor types, image data selection, and analysis software (references)

  • Recipe - T06 Clouds and seasonality differences in images (references)

  • Recipe - T07 Definition of a land cover class (references)

  • Recipe - T08 Ground truthing and sampling methods (references)

  • Recipe - T09 Classification methods (references)

  • Recipe - T10 Accuracy evaluation (references)

  • Recipe - T11 Estimation of forest area change (references)

Chapter 8 Permanent sample plot method

  • Recipe - T12 Selecting the number and arrangement of PSPs (references)

  • Recipe - T13 Measurement of PSPs (references)

  • Recipe - T14 Analysis of PSP data (references)

Chapter 9 Estimation models for forest carbon stocks

  • Recipe - T15 Model design (references)

  • Recipe - T16 Overstory height method (references)

  • Recipe - T17 Tree crown diameter method (references)

  • Recipe - T18 Community age method (references)

  • Recipe - T19 Backscattering coefficient method (references)

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