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Some hundreds of species have been recorded here, among them 74 species of butterfly, 33 species of dragonfly and damselfly, and 120 speces of longhorn beetle.

The number of recorded species will surely increase with continued surveys. Some species, such as common hawker dragonfly (Aeschna juncea juncea), hawker dragonfly (Planaeschna milnei), jewel beetle (Eurythyrea tenuistiata), large tiger longicorn beetle (Xylotrechus villioni) and red-banded longicorn beetle (Akajimatora bella), are very rare in Tokyo. The large spring tiger butterfly (Luehdorfia japinica), has been declared extinct here, while on the other hand some invasive or warm-climate species such as assassin bug (Agriosphodrus dohrni), ramie longicorn beetle (Paraglenea fortunei), and dark evening brown buterfly (Melanitis phedima oitensis), are firmly establishied in this garden.



chestnut tiger butterfly(larva)


Japanese emperor butterfly




praying mantid




ovoviviparous cockroaches


large tiger longicorn beetle


ramie longicorn beetle


white-striped longicorn beetle


coneheaded Katydid (Shibuiro-kayakiri)