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Mammals in the Tama Forest Science Garden:

Japanese shrew-mole(Mogera imaizumii), lesser Japanese mole(Urotrichustalpoides), Japanese pipistrelle(Pipistrellus abramus), Japanese macaque(Macaca fuscata), large Japanese field mouse(Apodemus speciosus), small Japanese field mouse(Apodemus argenteus), Japanese squirrel(Sciurus lis), Japanese giant flying squirrel(Petaulista leucogenys), Japanese hare(Lepusbrachyurus), red fox(Vulpes vulpes),raccoon dog(Nyctereutes procyonoides), raccoon (introduced species)(Procyon lotor), Japanese weasel(Mustela itasi), Japanese marten(Martes melampus), Japanese badger(Meles anakuma), masked palm civet (introduced species)(Paguma larvata), sika deer(Cervus nippon), wild boar(Sus scrofa).

Tama Forest Science Garden is located in the western suburbs of Tokyo.

However, nearly all species of mammals found in  the lowland forests of Honshu can be found within its wooded precincts, since it is adjacent to the  Kanto Mountains.

The arboretum is especially suitable for the observation of Japanese giant flying squirrels. The Japanese giant squirrel is nocturnal, but you may have a chance to see it,  if you are lucky, because it sometimes shows its face at the entrance of its den in the daytime.  Its nest, feces and food remains, can all be observed in the arboretum.



Japanese giant fliyng squirrel


Japanese squirrel


Wild boar(adlt)


Large Japanese field mouse


Japanese shrew-mole


Wild boar(infant)


Masked palm civet


Japanese badger


Japanese hare


Red fox




Raccoon dog