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Update:March 14, 2023

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Countermeasures to Prevent Infection with the New Coronavirus

The Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) is taking the following measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection. We apologize for any inconvenience and concern this may cause and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  1. Thorough precautionary measures
    We are taking thorough measures to prevent infection at work, commuting, and at home, such as gargling and washing, taking body temperature when coming to work (those with fever should stay at home), using disinfectants, avoiding the "three closets" (crowded, enclosed, and close together),and wearing a face mask when it is recommended. 
  2. Staying at home for persons suspected of infection, etc.
    If a staff member shows mild symptoms such as a cold or fever, they should refrain from coming to work and stay home.
  3. Restrictions on overseas business trips
    Overseas business trips and participation in international meetings are only allowed after scrutiny of the appropriateness of the trip and taking measures to reduce the risk of infection.
  4. Restrictions on domestic business trips
    Domestic business trips are conducted after taking sufficient infection risk reduction measures.
  5. Restrictions on holding or attending meetings/events where people gather
    Attend a meeting after confirming that sufficient infection risk reduction measures have been taken for the event. Internal meetings are held by videoconferencing or web conferencing whenever possible. The following basic infection control measures are taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, as well as to meet the requirements of the prefectural government when holding events and using the Institute's facilities.

(a) Restrictions on entry for those whose body temperature is 37.5oC or higher when entering.
(b) Disinfection of fingers at entry
(c) Wearing a face mask 
when it is recommended.
(d) Ensuring distance between people
(e) Indoor ventilation
(f) Disinfect objects touched by an unspecified number of persons as appropriate.

Visiting FFPRI

In principle, please refrain from visiting FFPRI if its place is declared an emergency or is in an area subject to priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease. If you need to visit, please ensure you are in good physical condition beforehand, including no fever or cold symptoms. We also ask that you implement infection control measures such as wearing a face mask  when it is effective, maintaining physical distance, and washing your hands or disinfecting your fingers.

Visiting our facilities

To prevent the new coronavirus transmission and ensure the safety of all visitors, we ask for your cooperation in taking the following measures.

  1. Restrictions on the acceptance of visitors
    The number of group visitors will be adjusted according to the facility to be visited. To avoid overcrowding, groups may be divided into smaller groups.
  2. Preparation before the visit (for representatives)
    1)The following cases are not allowed to visit.
    (1) fever, breathlessness, intense lethargy, cough/throat fever, and abnormal smell and taste.
    (2) A family member living with the visitor or a close acquaintance has symptoms.
    (3) Persons who have been determined to be or are suspected of having been a person with whom there is close contact.
    2) We ask for your cooperation in ensuring that the following infection-prevention measures are taken during the visit.

    (1) Wearing face masks when it is recommended
    (2) Body temperature measurement
    (3) Hand sanitizing immediately after the arrival and during the visit
  3. Infection control measures on the day of the visit
    Please keep the following in mind while touring the facility
    (1) Maintain distance between visitors.
    (2) Take measures against droplet infection, such as not speaking loudly outdoors.
    (3) Thorough hand disinfection
    (4) Each person takes their own garbage home.
    (5) Wear a face mask when it is recommended (please bring your own)
  4. In the event of suspected infection of the visitor(s)
    (1) If a visitor is suspected of being infected with a new type of coronavirus infection during or after a visit, the representative should inform the staff member in charge of the center in person or by telephone.
    (2) Tours may be suspended for a certain period depending on circumstances.