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Update:June 25, 2010

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Address of 100th anniversary



(Address by Dr.Okuma, the President at the time, Nov 2005)

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, an incorporated administrative agency, celebrates its 100th anniversary on 1st November 2005. Over the past century, our Institute has achieved significant progress in science and technology in forest, forestry, and forest products in Japan.

As the largest research institute on forest, forestry, and forest products in our country, our Institute has been required to play important roles in the society. In particular, we humans need to solve two challenging issues in order to achieve sustainable development, being faced with the deterioration of global environment and exhaustion of fossil fuels and metal resources on which our industrialized society has depended. They are the prevention of global warming and the establishment of recycling society based on the use of biological resources. Because these two challenges are directly related to the forest, forestry, and forest products, our Institute must endeavor to make them successful.

This year is not only our 100th anniversary year but also the final fiscal year of the first phase of 5 year midterm plan (Note: Every incorporated administrative agency is obligated to make the midterm plan designed to accomplish its goal). Since we must establish a new midterm plan for the next 5 years, we should arrange and adjust our program and research activities within this year. In other words, it is the time of the new start to the next 100 years.

I do believe that our Institute will carry out its mission on contribution to sustainable development of humankind by advancing researches in forest, forestry, and forest products over the next 100 years. Although it will be a difficult and challenging mission, I am ready to devote myself to them with our staff, which makes new history in Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.



Old main building in 1970s




Present main building

Aniversary Certificate

Anniversary Certificate