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Title Measurements of micrometeorological factors on the 60-m-high tower in the evergreen site
File type PDF
Description Air temperature, vapor pressure deficit, solar radiation, rainfall, wind speed measured on the 60-m-high tower in the evergreen site
For detail, refer to Nobuhiro et al. (2007).
Data source Forest Hydrology Lab. Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
Contact CWCM research group, FFPRI
Data Air temperature
CE_Ta_2004.pdf  2004
CE_Ta_2005.pdf  2005
CE_Ta_2006.pdf  2006
CE_Ta_2007.pdf  2007
CE_Ta_2008.pdf  2008

Vapor pressure deficit
CE_VPD_2004.pdf  2004
CE_VPD_2005.pdf  2005
CE_VPD_2006.pdf  2006
CE_VPD_2007.pdf  2007
CE_VPD_2008.pdf  2008

Solar radiation
CE_SWR_2004.pdf  2004
CE_SWR_2005.pdf  2005
CE_SWR_2006.pdf  2006
CE_SWR_2007.pdf  2007
CE_SWR_2008.pdf  2008

Wind speed
CE_WS_2004.pdf  2004
CE_WS_2005.pdf  2005
CE_WS_2006.pdf  2006
CE_WS_2007.pdf  2007
CE_WS_2008.pdf  2008

CE_P_2004.pdf  2004
CE_P_2005.pdf  2005
CE_P_2006.pdf  2006
CE_P_2007.pdf  2007
CE_P_2008.pdf  2008

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