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Data No. 1
Title Seasonal changes in evapotranspiration in Chinit river basin (grid calculation)
File type PDF
Data source We estimated monthly evapotranspiration in the resolution of 0.1 degree in Chinit river basin by model calculation. The parameters used in the model were derived from tower measurements, rainfall interception data and leaf characteristics measured in evergreen and deciduous forests. The monthly evapotranspiration was calculated by the model including the 0.1-degree grid estimation of LAI by satellite images. The grid value is the area-weighted mean of evapotranspiration of evergreen and deciduous forests within the grid.
Data source Forest Hydrology Lab. Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
Contact CWCM research group, FFPRI
Data 1 (size 549KB)
Zip file including pdf and xls files
Data 2 ET.xls  Numerical data of evapotranspiration
01Jan.pdf  Map indicating January
02Feb.pdf  Map indicating February
03Mar.pdf  Map indicating March
04Apr.pdf  Map indicating April
05May.pdf  Map indicating May
06Jun.pdf  Map indicating June
07Jul.pdf  Map indicating July
08Aug.pdf  Map indicating August
09Sep.pdf  Map indicating September
10Oct.pdf  Map indicating October
11Nov.pdf  Map indicating November
12Dec.pdf  Map indicating December
1_12.pdf  Maps including from January to December
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