Wildlife Monitoring Network in Hokkaido (Archive)
This website is the archive of the website for the Wildlife Monitoring Network in Hokkaido.

This Network is a joint project between our institute and the organizations managing national and university forests in Hokkaido.
It used the camera-trapping technique for the purpose. Surveys started as early as 2006 and continued until 2019.
This website also provides the results of short-term surveys, technology tests, and other types of camera-trapping surveys.

The upper bar has links to the pages about the Network and methods; The left panel to the results.
This page provides slide-shows of the wildlife photos obtained in the surveys.
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Quick Guid:
  All the results at a glance: SiteKmlsCombined
  All wildlife photos in a survey: Hitsujigaoka, September 2009 (All the Network surveys use YoyShot G3 and YoyShot Digital

 Technologies and techniques for wildlife monitoring (in Japanese)
 Distinction between sables and martens (in Japanese)