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Update:April 1, 2017

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Midterm Plan (2016-2020)

The Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute is the largest comprehensive investigative research institution in Japan involved in research and development for forest, forestry, and forest products industries as well in forest tree breeding. In this capacity, the institute cooperates with the government and relevant entities to solve challenges facing forestry-related industries, promote research and development for these industries, and disseminate the results across the industrial, academic, and administrative sectors. We strive to promote the advanced use of multiple functions of forests and the growth of forestry businesses, thereby contributing to the enhancement and sustainment of forests for the future generation.

 Research and Development

  1. Development of forest management technologies for further utilization of the various functions of forests 
      1.1 Advancement of conservation technology and the development of technologies for disaster prevention and mitigation based on the forest ecosystem
    • 1.2 Advancement of technology for climate change impact assessment and the development of adaptation and mitigation technology
    • 1.3 Development of forest management conscious of biodiversity conservation
  2. Development of a sustainable forestry system for a stable supply of domestic wood and an efficient supply system for timber and wood biomass
    • 2.1 Development of technology for sustainable and effective forestry management and forestry production
    • 2.2 Development of timber supply system in response to diverse uses of forest resources
  3. Development of utilization technology for wood and wood resources
    • 3.1 Development and advancement of lumber utilization technology corresponding to specific resources and needs
    • 3.2 Conversion of unused wood resources into useful materials
  4. Advancement of utilization technology for forest organisms, development of diverse varieties by forest tree breeding, and enhancement of fundamental breeding technology 
    • 4.1 Advancement of new effective utilization technology for forest resources by elucidating the functions of forest organisms
    • 4.2 Development of diverse superior forest plant varieties and enhancement of fundamental breeding technology