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Update:March 16, 2016


This database contains photographs of specimens of about 450 longicorn speciescollected in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

ForestGEN provides EST (Expressed Sequenced Tag) and genome information oncreatures living in forests, including trees, microbes such as fungi,mushrooms and nematodes, and insects.
ESTs in the database have been clustered and assembled, and are provided aslong consensus sequences. You can perform search in the database withkeywords (protein names) or homologous sequence.

FFPRI FluxNet Database provides half-hourly observational data of carbon dioxide absorption by forest ecosystem and related micrometeorological information. These data have been obtained by the long term flux observation using eddy covariance method which are carried out in 5 research sites (6 sites until 2002) with different forest types and climates in Japan.

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute is continuing to monitor the water balance in five forested areas of Japan to clarify the relationship between forest conditions and water balance. Forest Experimental Watershed Database (FWDB) provides the observation data already published in print as electronic files.