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Update:November 25, 2022

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Midterm Plan

The Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute is the largest comprehensive investigative research institution in Japan involved in research and development for forest, forestry, and forest products industries as well in forest tree breeding. In this capacity, the institute cooperates with the government and relevant entities to solve challenges facing forestry-related industries, promote research and development for these industries, and disseminate the results across the industrial, academic, and administrative sectors. We strive to promote the advanced use of multiple functions of forests and the growth of forestry businesses, thereby contributing to the enhancement and sustainment of forests for the future generation.

Midterm Plan 2021-2025

Research and Development

  1. Research and development for the fulfilment of the multiple functions of forests in a changing environment 
    • 1.1 Research and development for mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts
    • 1.2 Research and development for sustainability based on biological diversity and functions of forests
    • 1.3 Research and development for forest conservation and disaster risk reduction
  2. Research and development for the realization of a recycling-oriented society and the promotion of mountain villages through the use of forest resources
    • 2.1 Research and development for the sustainable supply of forest products and the promotion of multiple uses of forest landscape
    • 2.2 Development of techniques for biological damage control, mushroom cultivation and microorganism application
    • 2.3 Research and development for the advancement of wood use technology and the expansion of demand
    • 2.4 Research and development for the expansion of social implementation of new woody materials and woody biomass energy
  3. Forest tree breeding for the creation and conservation of diverse forests and the sustainable resource uses
    • 3.1 Development of various superior varieties by improving the forest tree breeding bases
    • 3.2 Advancement and extension of forest tree breeding techniques and promoting the deployment of specified mother trees

Midterm Plan 2016-2020

Midterm Plan(4th)