Lam Se Buy [Tropical Swamp Forest]

lam se buy

[Photo by R. Tabuchi]

The Lam Se Buy research site (LSB) was established in a riparian swamp forest in 2004. Forest type of LSB site differs between lower often submerg-ing site and upper less waterlogged site. The forests here are utilized by the villagers in the vicinity sustainably in several manners. The stand dynamics, e.g. growth and death have been monitored in individual base. The co-relation between spheres of forest and water as well as their role to the livelihood of local dwellers is the main interest here.

Site Information

Established Year
Research Partners Chulalongkorn University/ NK village, Yasothon Province
Latitude / Longitude 15º35’24’’N, 104º27’41’’E
Mean Temperature 27.0 ºC
Mean Annual Precipitation 1,588 mm
Soil Type Alluvial
Plot Size

a) 150m x 30m

b)30m x 30m

Main Disturbance agent Seasonal flooding / Non-timber forest products gathering and occasional timber harvesting by villagers

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