Pasoh [Tropical Rain Forest]


[Photo by M.G. Araki]

The Pasoh 6-ha plot, a long-term ecological research site, was established in 1994 in a lowland dipterocarp forest, Peninsular Malaysia. To quantify ecological parameters of tree population and forest dynamics, tree censuses (dbh ≥ 5 cm) were conducted in a 6-ha plot. Sapling censuses (Height 30 cm < sapling < dbh 5 cm) were conduced at 600 4 m2 quadrats every 10 m in the plot. Litter production has also been measured monthly by 100 litter traps since 1994. First six years, total biomass had been degreased, but a recent decade biomass is gradually increasing. A tower (52 m height) for CO2 flux measurement is in the 6-ha plot.

Site Information

Established Year
Research Partners FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia)/ NIES (National Institute of Environment Studies)/ UPM (University of Putra Malaysia)/ Kyoto University
Latitude / Longitude 2゚59′N, 102゚18′E
Mean Temperature 25.6 ºC
Mean Annual Precipitation 2,000 mm
Soil Type Ultisols
Plot Size 6-ha
Main Disturbance agent Windthrow and storm

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