Ranong [Tropical Swamp Forest]


[Photo by T. Sato]

The Ranong research site was established in the mangroves in the campus of Andaman Coastal Research Station, Kasetsart University and its vicinities surroundings. The original study organized here in 2003 was on the stand productivity and litter amount including leaf, branch and whole tree as coarse litter produced by mangroves. The stand dynamics, e.g. growth and death were monitored in individual base. Just one month after the 2nd census in November 2004, Tsunami slaughtered and left untold damage and death to the wide area surrounding Andaman Ocean. This area was also severely damaged both in nature and human settlements. The census plots were also damaged but trace-able. The damage appearing gradually over long term and the recovery from that damage were then be included as the another objective of dynamic study here.

Site Information

Established Year
2003 (litter collection began in 2002)
Research Partners Chulalongkorn University/ Kasetsart University
Latitude / Longitude 9º22’36’’N, 98º23’58’’E
Mean Temperature 27.0 ºC
Mean Annual Precipitation 4,200 mm
Soil Type Mangrove substratum
Plot Size

a) 30m x 50m, 20m x 40m, 30m x 10m, 2 plots of 40m x40 m and 22 plots of 20m x 20m. Plot sizes depends on the extend of stand type.

b) 6 line-transects (60m to 100m) on Tsunami over ex-mangroves

Main Disturbance agent Tsunami / Minor pole and fuel gathering by local villagers

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