Semangkok [Tropical Rain Forest]


[Photo by T. Sato]

Semangkok plot (6 ha, 200 m × 300 m), a long-term ecological research site, was established in 1992 in a hill dipterocarp forest, Semangkok Forest Reserve, Peninsular Malaysia. Seraya (Shorea curtisii) is dominated on the ridge. This plot is on the way to Fraser's hill from Kuara Lumpur. To quantify ecological parameters of tree population and forest dynamics, tree censuses (dbh ≥ 5 cm) were conducted in a 6-ha plot. Sapling censuses (Height 30 cm < sapling < dbh 5 cm) were conducted at 600 4 m2 quadrats (1 m × 4 m) every 10 m in the plot. Litter production has also been measured monthly by 100 litter traps since 1992.

Site Information

Established Year
Research Partners FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia)/ NIES (National Institute of Environment Studies)/ JIRCAS (Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences)/ UPM (University of Putra Malaysia)/ Tokyo University
Latitude / Longitude 3゚40′N, 101゚40′E
Mean Temperature 21.9 ºC (minimum) / 33.0 ºC (maximum)
Mean Annual Precipitation 2,414 mm
Soil Type Acrisol
Plot Size 6-ha
Main Disturbance agent Windthrow and landslide

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