Mae Klong [Tropical Dry Forest]

mae klong

[Photo by T. Sato]

Mae Klong LTER site was established in 1992 in a tropical seasonal forest, western Thailand. Three 4-ha permanent plots were established in a natural forest (plot 1), a natural forest with a record of selective cutting (plot 2), and a abandoned grassland (plot 3), respectively. Tree censuses (dbh ≥ 5 cm) have been conducted every two years in these three plots. For plot 1, seedling and sapling census have been conducted every year in 100 1 m x 1 m quadrats regularly distributed in a 1 ha sub-plot. The forest is composed of evergreen and deciduous tree species with dense undergrowth of four bamboo species. Forest fire eventually occurs during the dry season. Three of the four bamboo species flowered and died simultaneously during the last two decades. The structure and dynamics of this forest is strongly affected by the undergrowing bamboos and forest fire.

Site Information

Established Year
Research Partners Kasetsart University/ Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation/ Tohoku University
Latitude / Longitude 14º34’ N, 98º51’ E
Mean Temperature 27.5 ºC
Mean Annual Precipitation 1,546 mm
Soil Type loam to clay loam, well drained, classified into Ultisols
Plot Size 4 ha (plot 1 & 2: 200 m x 200 m, plot 3: 100 m x 400 m)
Main Disturbance agent Fire, Strong wind and heavy rain during rainy season

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